Foot Reflexology

Read my blog on why everyone should try reflexology, how stress can affect the body and how reflexology can help.

See what my clients say about me here in Testimonials.

Many people I see who start the session saying ‘they’re not

stressed’ actually realise just how much tension they were holding in their bodies after Reflexology. They leave the session deeply relaxed and floating out of the room!

Reflexology is a complementary therapy and so much more than a foot massage!

The foot has nearly 15,000 nerves, making them especially sensitive to being touched. Reflexologists believe that particular areas of the feet are related to certain organs in the body and working on these specific areas may bring the body back into balance by sending a signal to inner organs and glands in the body.

It is also deeply relaxing and not at all tickly.

My Reflexology Story...

I discovered Reflexology when I was very stressed and suffering symptoms related to my crohns disease whilst working in London. Luckily the company I worked for had a reflexologist on site.

I found that reflexology made me feel very relaxed and able to handle the stress of my job. It also helped my stomach problems which I realised were exacerbated by stress.

I had reflexology through all three of my pregnancies and soon after the birth. Reflexology is wonderfully relaxing and restorative after the demands of labour and having a newborn. More information on reflexology in pregnancy can be found here Pregnancy Support.

Why Reflexology?

Everyone I work with finds it incredibly relaxing!I believe that 'stress' is the root cause of many symptoms such as skin, sleeping, and digestive issues. Alleviate that stress and often your symptoms go away.

Women with PMS, irregular periods, stress, anxiety, stomach problems, headaches etc come to see me for Reflexology.

What can you expect in a session?

On your first appointment, a full medical history will be taken to establish exactly what reflex points need special work. I will then wash and relax your feet with hot towels. I am Aromareflex trained so make a tailored to your needs blend of essential oils that I add into the organic and natural cream that I use.

Every reflexology treatment on your feet lasts 1 hour so please allow 90mins for your first appointment and 75mins for follow ups. I never want you to leave feeling rushed and unheard.

The reasons why you have come for reflexology will determine how often a session is required. Some people come weekly for 4 or 5 sessions before coming monthly as stress maintenance. Others come monthly as a relaxing treat. We will discuss what works best for you at your first appointment.

I offer a range of packages suited to your needs and budget.

Why Me?

I love what I do and I LOVE that I get results!

A client said...

'I’ve been having reflexology for the past 13 years...and seen over 30 different therapists over the years and Becca, is by far the most talented, skilled, professional and gifted Reflexologist bar none. Becca is one of a kind and in the years that I’ve had Reflexology, her treatments are by far the very best and Becca strikes me as an expert in her field'.

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