Systematic Kinisiology

Becca is currently undertaking a Systematic Kinisiology Foundation course.  Please enquire if you would like to be a case study.

What is Kinisiology?

Kinisiology is a form of natural healthcare that uses muscle testing to find out the imbalances within the body. These imbalances are then corrected using various Mental, Emotional, Chemical, Physical and Energetic techniques.

How does it work?

Kinisiology works from the perspective that different muscles relate to different organs in the body.  When the muscles are ‘weak’ the energy (Chi/Vital Force) and these organs is out of balance.  Through looking at the whole person from a mental, chemical, physical and energetic perspective, Kinisiology can bring that energy back into balance so healing can take place.

Becca Scott MAR MARH (trading as Healing Space)

Registered Homeopath and Reflexologist

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