Cyclical Creativity Podcast on Lichen Sclerosus Awareness

I did my first (very nerve wracking!) Podcast with Tessa Sanderson of Cyclical Wisdom. Whilst its not my best work as I'm so jittery, I think the message is too important not to share. I have a diagnosis of lichen sclerosus, a vulval skin condition.

I was diagnosed after insane itching that wasn’t going with thrush treatment. I thought I had thrush for years but I think I had LS and the hormonal changes of having my son tipped me over the edge. It’s meant to be rare but I have specialised working with women with it and I’m not convinced it is. I believe it’s under and mis-diagnosed. It can affect men and children too - my youngest client was diagnosed at 4.

LS is typified by burning, itching, tearing, white patches, some have swelling and it can lead to fusing of the labia, vagina and anus. Although not all those symptoms have to be there for LS. If you have persistent symptoms please do check it out with your GP, and get a second opinion if your symptoms aren’t resolving. Diagnosis can be done with a biopsy but this can cause issues too due to the trauma.