About Me!

I love what I do and I LOVE that I get results!

Find out more about me below...

My eldest son had eczema as a baby and rather than use steroid cream I saw a homeopath. At that point I did not know what homeopathy was but I found that it was amazing and wanted to become a homeopath myself. My youngest son was born during my homeopathy degree.

I support women with their health issues to help them feel and look amazing. As I have diagnoses of IBD, Hashimotos, and Lichen Sclerosus and have experienced Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, I understand what support you might need if you have autoimmune diseases.

I especially love being able to support clients with gynaecological issues affecting fertility, then on through their pregnancies.

I work online internationally online and I have a calm and tranquil therapy room in Caversham, Reading.

I am mum and step mum to four wonderful teenage boys and a toddler girl, three rescue cats and some rescue chickens. Life is busy but incredibly rewarding!

I look forward to helping you achieve the health and life that you deserve and desire!

Best wishes


Training and Credentials
  • Diploma in Homeobotanicals 2018
  • 4 year Bsc (Hons) Homeopathy degree 2:1 - Thames Valley University 2009
  • 1 year Practitioner training course Philip Salmon School of Reflexology 2001
  • Member of the Association of Reflexologists
  • Member of the Alliance of Registered Homeopaths
  • Weleda Wellbeing Advisor since October 2019
  • Maternity Reflexology with Suzanne Enzer 2006.
  • Reproflexology with Barbara Scott 2006 & 2018
  • Founder of Everything Baby Berkshire
  • 7 years at Marks and Spencer Plc - Product Development Technologist
  • BA (Hons) Clothing Studies with Textiles degree 2:1 - Nottingham Trent University 1997
Why Reflexology?

After graduating, I worked at Marks and Spencer as a Product Development Technologist. I found it stressful as it involved a lot of travelling and high pressure which aggravated my Inflammatory bowel disease. To help with this stress and the symptoms of IBD, I saw a reflexologist provided through Occupational Health. I thought it was wonderful and so went on to do a years practitioner training before eventually leaving M&S to work in the Chaim Centre in North West London..

I left London when pregnant with my first son and then continued to work as a reflexologist around my babies, setting up a dedicated treatment room at home.

Why Homeopathy?

I discovered Homeopathy during my first pregnancy when I bought a homeopathic kit for pregnancy and labour from my yoga teacher and saw a homeopath for illness during pregnancy and then to help me recover emotionally after the birth of my first child as I had post natal depression.

I prefer to explore complementary therapy options before seeking conventional medicine. So when my son developed eczema as an infant he also saw the homeopath and I was amazed at the very quick transformation in his skin after a couple of remedies. The more I used homeopathy for his baby ailments, the more I was hooked. I then did a homeopathy at home course with my homeopath and shortly after started my homeopathy training.