I love what I do and I LOVE that I get results!

Here is a sample of what my clients say about me...

Lichen Sclerosus remission using homeopathy...

'It's like a new vagina! Itching once in a great while, pink almost back, clit is back to normal. Its been really bad for 6 years, had sex 2-3 times a year, now its 2-3 times per week. Sleeping 8 hrs rather than 20, and I've lost 35 pounds. You are a miracle worker'

SW, USA 2020

'I just wanted to let you know that after only 2 of the itch blend pills yesterday, I had a mostly itch free night last night!'

KL, Australia 2020

'The nerve remedy is working well and reduced nerve pain by 75%, odd twinges and shooting pains here and there but they are sporadic and pass quickly so huge improvement thank you. DW, U.K 2020

Fertility support using homeopathy & reflexology...

'Becca is open and engaging, honest and very knowledgeable and most importantly I believed my husband would relate to her and be willing to go along for treatment too, in our eyes, this needed to be a joint approach. Becca asked loads of questions, gave us tips and advice and although she treated us as individuals and confidentially (she never discussed our sessions) it was a holistic and joined up approach.

3 months after starting to see Becca and 4 days before we were due to start our first round of IVF, we discovered I was pregnant and our baby was born in February 2020.

Although we started to see Becca to help with our dreams of extending our family, we both realise the benefits to our overall well-being and stress levels that continuing to see Becca brings us, we cannot recommend her enough.

KJ, U.K 2020

Reflexology during Pregnancy...

'I had reflexology with Rebecca whilst in my third trimester of pregnancy and after having my baby.

I found the treatments so lovely and relaxing. It helped improve the mild SPD that I was suffering towards the end of pregnancy too so I would highly recommend!'

JT, Jan 2019

Homeopathy for Stress and Sleeplessness...

Within days of taking the medicine I began to sleep better and feel better generally'.

CB April 2020

Reflexology and Homeopathy for Optimum Wellbeing......

'I’ve been having reflexology for the past 13 years. I’ve always enjoyed the benefits of Reflexology and seen over 30 different therapists over the years and Becca, is by far the most talented, skilled, professional and gifted Reflexologist bar none and I’ve been to top practitioners in some of the top Spas in and out of the UK.

Becca is one of a kind and in the years that I’ve had Reflexology, her treatments are by far the very best and Becca strikes me as an expert in her field.Not only is Becca highly skilled, she also offers an extremely calming and tranquil environment in which you can completely unwind and relax.

I have also used Beccas skills when it comes to Homeopathy and was totally blown away by the results for Pelvic Girdle and Acid reflux during pregnancy, I had tried everything and after two days of using Beccas remedies I had relief.

I honestly could not recommend Becca enough, not only is she the consummate professional and mastered her art, she is also welcoming, calming and puts you at ease'.

TH, Jan 2019

Homeopathy for Heavy Periods and PMS...