Why everyone should try reflexology, how stress can affect the body and how reflexology can help…

Reflexology is a complementary therapy and much more than a massage! Reflexologists believe that particular areas of the feet, hands, face and ears are related to certain organs in the body and working on these specific areas with pressure may bring the body into balance. It is also deeply relaxing and many people I see who start the session saying ‘they’re not stressed’ actually realise just how much tension they were holding in their body.  They leave the session deeply relaxed and floating out of the room!

The foot has nearly 15,000 nerves, making them especially sensitive to being touched.

By stimulating reflex points, that reflexologists believe correspond to other areas of the body, we are sending a signal to those inner organs and glands. We are not clear how this might work but one hypothesis is that the peripheral nervous system sends signals between our head, hands and feet and brain. I have seen the reduction of symptoms in people suffering peripheral neuropathy after regular reflexology sessions which would concur with this view. Reflexology is also thought to improve the blood and energy circulation, gives a sense of relaxation, and maintain the homoeostasis.

A map is used that sets out reflex points and their corresponding organs and glands in the body. Pressure point massage similar to reflexology has been used historically in China, by the Ancient Egyptians, Native American Indians and Aboriginals.


Benefits of reflexology:

  • The treatment is free from any drugs and chemical, and it is a wide option for many health problems.1
  • Its ability to reduce pain.
  • It helps body to maintain the dexterity and locomotion ability.8
  • It promotes general sense of relaxation especially overused or tired hands, feet, and the whole body parts.2
  • It stimulates the release of body's pain-relieving chemicals.1
  • As a prevention from any illness.2
  • It promotes recovery process from any injury particularly at any region at hands and feet.1


I offer virtual facial reflexology sessions where I guide you through a relaxing self-administered session to reduce your stress.


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