Why I became a Therapist

My first experience of reflexology was in a job where I was working as a product development technologist for M&S in London.  It involved a lot of travel and long hours which I found pretty stressful. The occupational therapy department offered reflexology and I thought it was wonderful.

I had reflexology regularly and noticed the effect it had on me; helping me manage my stress and reducing the pain I had with the symptoms of my Crohnes disease.  Whilst at M&S I went through several restructures and each time I needed to re-apply for my job.

At the same time, my friend Clare was diagnosed with breast cancer at 26. I would sit in sales meetings where everyone was distraught about the lack of sales of winter coats in 30° weather in July and it all felt a bit superficial when someone close to me was going through such a devastating diagnosis and treatment. M&S was meant to be my dream job but it just wasn’t fulfilling anymore.

So, I did a years reflexology practitioner training at the Philip Salmon School of Reflexology in London qualifying in 2001.  I went part time at M&S whilst working in a clinic in Northwest London.

Devastatingly, Clare’s breast cancer spread. We were living together, both working in retail and not particularly happy in our jobs.  Clare motivated me to do something else and not stay in a job I wasn’t happy with. I took the plunge and resigned from M&S to become a full- time reflexologist in 2003.  The same day I found out I was pregnant.

Clare died when my son was 9 weeks old. It was devastating and it’s not a surprise that I developed post-natal depression.

One day I saw an advert in a local parenting magazine by a homeopath. The ad asked if I was struggling; if I was stressed and anxious; and I realised that I was.  I saw the homeopath and felt better but it wasn’t until I took my 8 month old son for his eczema and it resolved quickly did I properly fall in love with homeopathy.


I had known nothing about homeopathy except I remember being fascinated when I was a child in Culpepper’s in Bath by the little phials of white tablets.  I did a four year degree in Homeopathy at Purton House, then part of Thames Valley University graduating in 2009 with a 2:1. I had a second son during my degree and used homeopathy for all my families ailments.

I really do believe that it is my life purpose to be a Homeopath and Reflexologist. I love my job and I love that I can help people.  I have particularly enjoyed working with women with fertility issues and then during their subsequent pregnancies.  And it’s far more fulfilling than men’s underwear (my first department at M&S!)

In 2020, the pandemic and lockdown meant I needed to move my business online.  An amazing chance opportunity with a Homeopath working in the niche of lichen sclerosus came about.  I have lichen sclerosus myself so I understand how irritating, painful and life limiting it can be, so I jumped at the chance to specialise in this area.  I have personal experience of managing my symptoms with homeopathy, but its fantastic to see how homeopathy can make dramatic changes to someone else’s life.

When women (and men and children) are diagnosed with lichen sclerosus, their only option in the medical world is steroid cream, which is known to thin the skin and yet is used on a condition that itself can thin the skin in an intimate area. It doesn’t make sense to me. Homeopathy offers options to manage the symptoms and in my experience personally and professionally to put people in remission.

Reflexology and Homeopathy are truly wonderful and I feel very grateful that I was able to train to be a practitioner.

I offer free 15 mins discovery call where you can find out how I can support you with Homeopathy and Reflexology in Women’s Health particularly gynaecological issues, those affecting fertility and pregnancy.

I have also trained in Aromareflexology (a tailor made to your needs blend of essential oils is used during reflexology), Maternity Reflexology and Reproflexology (fertility reflexology for natural conception and alongside Assisted Conception) and Facial Reflexology incorporating Zone Face Lift.

I help you feel and look amazing!

Book your free discovery call now at https://healingspace.setmore.com/

I did visit some amazing places whilst at M&S - including the Middle and Far East.