What is Reflexology?

Reflexology is not just a foot massage.  Reflexologists believe that particular areas of the feet are related to certain organs in the body and working on these specific areas may bring the body balance.massage2

What you can expect in a reflexology session.

A full medical history will first be taken to establish exactly what reflex points need special work. Rebecca will then rinse your feet as part of the session using organic products. Niki’s Organic Balm will then be applied. Reflexology is pressure point massage on specific areas all over the feet. Most people find reflexology incredibly relaxing and not all all tickly. The first session lasts approximately 90 mins – 60 mins for reflexology.

Follow up appointments are 75 mins with an hours reflexology. The reasons why you have come for reflexology will determine how often a session is required. Some people come weekly for 4 or 5 sessions before coming monthly as stress maintenance. Others come monthly as a relaxing treat.

Home visits and Gift vouchers are available.

Contact Becca on 07879042039 for more information.

Disclaimer:  Complementary therapies should not be used instead of medical advice. If you have concerning symptoms these should be discussed with your health care provider in the first instance.

Here is a link to a You tube video on What is reflexology