Cyclical Creativity Podcast on Lichen Sclerosus Awareness
I did my first (very nerve wracking!) Podcast with Tessa Sanderson of Cyclical Wisdom. Whilst its not my best work as I'm so jittery, I think the message is too important not to share. I have a diagnosis of lichen sclerosus, a vulval skin condition. I was diagnosed after insane itching that wasn’t going with thrush […]
Why everyone should try reflexology, how stress can affect the body and how reflexology can help…
Reflexology is a complementary therapy and much more than a massage! Reflexologists believe that particular areas of the feet, hands, face and ears are related to certain organs in the body and working on these specific areas with pressure may bring the body into balance. It is also deeply relaxing and many people I see […]
Why I became a Therapist
My first experience of reflexology was in a job where I was working as a product development technologist for M&S in London.  It involved a lot of travel and long hours which I found pretty stressful. The occupational therapy department offered reflexology and I thought it was wonderful. I had reflexology regularly and noticed the […]
Tip of an Iceberg – Taboos, Myths and History of Our Amazing Clitoris
  Credit: Marie Docher Ignorance and shame have plagued the clitoris for all of history. Human biology lessons at school focused on reproduction and periods.  I don’t recall ever being taught about the clitoris or certainly no emphasis was placed on it.  It is situated just above the urethra and vaginal opening and part of […]