Beyond the stigma and shame – a spotlight on Genital Herpes
Beyond the stigma and shame – a Spotlight on Genital Herpes How many of us would ever admit we have or have had a sexually transmitted disease?  We might discuss that we have been tested and are ‘clean’ with a new partner but we might not discuss that we have had herpes in the past, […]
Not ‘just a heavy period’ – a Spotlight on the Emotional Impact of Miscarriage
In recognition of Pregnancy and Baby Loss Awareness week (October 9th-15th 2021), I wanted to focus on the emotional difficulties women face during miscarriage.  I spoke to five women about their experience of miscarriage and the impact it had on them. Sadly, around 1 in 4 pregnancies ends in miscarriage, and so it is likely […]
When itching is not ‘just’ thrush – a spotlight on Lichen Sclerosus
First published for This is Me! Wellwoman Network Magazine – available at: Whilst thrush is often the first thing women with an itchy vulva will think of, there are many other causes of vulva itching including menopausal symptoms, irritation due to medication, latex, perfumes and washing powders and threadworms.  Sex, periods, exercise, heat/moisture and […]
Vulval-Vaginal Atrophy
Needles in My Vagina – a spotlight on Vulvo-Vaginal Atrophy (VVA) Published first in the Well Woman Networks This is Me! magazine at: Do you ever feel like your vagina is pressing into your vulva? Or that you have shooting pains in your bits like knitting needles?  Is it uncomfortable to walk at times? […]